Miles of Love Roadshow 2019

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Miles of Love: Travel Advocacy Forum  Official # = #MilesofLove2019

Large parts of the aviation and travel industry have worked hard to enable both staff and customers to be themselves. 

Aviation shrinks the world. It brings cultures, nationalities and religions together. This offers massive opportunities to increase mutual understanding and tolerance. But for LGBTIQ+ people, air travel is not always a moment of joy and excitement. Our communities need to consider whether their love and existence is even legal when they select  airlines, airports and destinations.

Transgender, intersex and gender diverse people face particular scrutiny. And for the thousands of LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees, travel is a harsh, cold necessity as they flee – often in fear for their lives – from unspeakable violence, terror and discrimination.

Through public events and closed door meetings, the Forum will be a unique opportunity to explore how the aviation industry can work with LGBTIQ+ communities and activists around the world to become real travel agents of change. 

High profile leaders and speakers from across the globe will offer insights, connections, solutions and training on bridging the gap between human rights and travel.

The aviation and travel industry will convene for a unique and groundbreaking event. Participants will explore how the aviation industry can work with LGBTIQ+ communities in Australia, Hong Kong and around the world to become more meaningful and impactful allies.

Roadshow Dates: November 13 – 24th, 2019
International Speakers include:

Global Speakers include:

Paul Dillane, LGBT Advisory Panel Member, UK Government

Theresa Goh, Singapore Paralympian

Daniel Mendonca, Intersex and Gender Justice Activist, India

Eliana Rubashkyn, Member, Rainbow Path, ITANZ, New Zealand

Jaiyah Saelua, American Samoa international footballer, international sports inclusion advocate, “Next Goal Wins” film representative, Member, FIFA “11 For Diversity,” Member, Society Of Fa’afafine In American Samoa (SOFIAS)

More to be announced on Friday, September 27th, UNWTO’s World Tourism Day
More Event Information:

November 13th-15th, Canberra, Queer Displacements Conference, ANU
November 16-18th, Adelaide, The Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural

Feast Festival Events Tickets Available!
Miles of Love: Travel Advocacy Forum (16th Nov)
Miles of Love: Official Opening [Mixer] (16th Nov)
Miles of Love: Short Film & Fireside (16th Nov)

Other Ticketing Information and Full Forum Schedule available soon.

Tandyanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute and Sparkke at the Whitmore (Part of Feast Festival)                       

Hong Kong:

November 20th- 24th, Hong Kong, Eaton Hotel