It’s happening again! In early 2017, the world was shocked to learn about the extremely brutal persecution of LGBTIQ people in Chechnya. The Russian LGBT Network has confirmed that Chechen authorities have yet again escalated their horrific assault on the LGBTIQ community. Since the end of December 2018, two men have been tortured to death, and more than 40 men and women have been illegally detained on suspicion of being gay.

The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov has consistently denied allegations of any illegal wrongdoing and human rights violations, or that gay people even exist in Chechnya. Furthermore, President Putin and the Russian authorities have wilfully ignored the global outcries, essentially giving Chechen authorities the ‘green-light’ to continue their horrific torture and persecution.

“Everything is being done so they can’t flee the country” – The Moscow Times

Chechen authorities actively encouraged and demanded families of those released from prison in 2017 to execute their relatives suspected of being gay or bisexual. Authorities appealed to the ancient Vainakh custom or “honor killing”, believed to allow the family to cleanse the perceived shame of their good name. Many of the escapees remain terrified of speaking out because authorities have also threatened to harm their family and friends.

We are calling on world leaders to publicly condemn these horrific crimes, and ask that Russian authorities seek to hold Chechen authorities accountable for their actions. Here’s how your voice can be heard.

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